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Image of Milab Product LineFDW Corp is proud to be the exclusive North American distributor of Milab products. This prestigious manufacturer has been producing high-quality microphones for a wide range of applications since 1939. After more than 70 years of technological advances, these microphones are still built entirely by hand to provide the results and reliability one would expect from a high-end audio product.

Milab has a history of creating innovative audio solutions. First, they developed a rectangular capsule that allowed the clear, natural tone of sound to be captured with a smaller-sized microphone. They later introduced one of the first digital microphone systems that produced warm, true sound something thought to be impossible at the time. Today, Milab's versatile line has evolved into a full line of recording, handheld, boundary and drum mics that excel in both live and studio environments.

All of Milab's products come with a lifetime warranty. Milab stands behind their products and will continue to make some of the finest microphones in the world. Contact a dealer today to experience Milab's exceptional craftsmanship and quality!

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"My Milab microphone comes with me to all my concerts. It almost feels invisible, whilst adding that magic ingredient to my vocal sound."
- Alison Burns
UK Artist


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