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Milab Microphones is a world-leading manufacturer of professional microphones for studio, stage and broadcast applications.

Their history can be traced back to 1939, making them one of the true pioneers in microphone manufacturing. Today Milab is a highly regarded brand and delivers state-of-the-art microphones to studios, engineers, producers and artists all over the world.

All Milab microphones are handcrafted in their plant in Helsingborg, Sweden. Their quality control is meticulous and all microphones have to pass several stages of testing, including rigorous audio tests in our anechoic chamber. Every microphone is delivered with an individual frequency chart and shipped with a lifetime warranty.

The time and care that Milab puts into making their microphones would simply be impossible in large-scale production. That's why it has never been their goal to become the largest manufacturer on the market - but instead to provide audio professionals with the finest microphones in the world.

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"Milab DC-96s can capture punch and transients with a transparency that will surprise you...When it comes to recording acoustic instruments, this is one of the best microphones available."
- Chris Murphy
(Nominated for WAMA 'Best Studio Engineer' - 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008)


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