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Stacy Jones - Lead Vocalist (American Hi-Fi) Stacy Jones
Lead Vocalist - American Hi-Fi

"This mic is great! It gives my vocals incredible tone and the sound result is clear and well defined. The LSR-3000 is a reliable, fail-safe microphone that is one of my go-to tools for both studio work and live performances."

American Hi-Fi - Fight the Frequency American Hi-Fi's new Album "Fight the Frequency"
Featuring the Hit Single "Lost"
Available June 22nd, 2010

Group (Sweden)

B. Larry Gittens - Artist, Band leader for Stevie Wonder B. Larry Gittens
Artist - Band Leader for Stevie Wonder

"You know, Stevie (Wonder) wants perfection, in his music and the equipment he uses. Take microphones, for example, where I've found a perfect one for him and for the whole Wonderband. It's made in Sweden by Milab."

Barry Hufker - Engineer, Production Manager Barry Hufker
Engineer / Production Manager

Professor of audio production at Webster University

Barry Rudolph - Engineer Barry Rudolph

Ben Folds - Artist Ben Folds

Bil VornDick - Producer, Engineer Bil VornDick
Producer / Engineer

Bob Dylan - Artist Bob Dylan

LC-25 for live vocals

Bruce Swedien - Engineer Bruce Swedien

"The VIP-50 is the first microphone to come along in over a decade that I would consider one of my first choices for vocals. I just love the sonic clarity."

"For Chaka Khan, I used one of my new Milab VIP-50s, which I consider to be one of the most significant new vocal recording microphones in a decade. Because it has a large capsule, there is a good deal of proximity effect, which can be used to good effectiveness when recording lead vocals."

Cerberus Shoal - Group Cerberus Shoal

Chad Franscoviak - Producer, Engineer (John Mayer) Chad Franscoviak
Producer / Engineer - John Mayer

"It's a great snare mic." (On the VM-44)

Chaka Khan - Artist Chaka Khan

VIP-50 for vocals

Chris Murphy - Engineer Chris Murphy
Nominated for WAMA 'Best Studio Engineer' - 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008

"They are amazing sounding microphones. Milab DC-96s can capture punch and transients with a transparency that will surprise you. While using this mic, other engineers have walked through the control room, stopped, listened, and then asked, 'Wow! What mic is THAT?!' When it comes to recording acoustic instruments, this is one of the best microphones available. Guitar, mandolin, piano, whatever! Stunning clarity with lots of punch!"

Dan Healy - Engineer (Grateful Dead) Dan Healy
Engineer - Grateful Dead

"The best sounding microphone available for live vocals. Don't leave home without it." (On the LC-25)

Dave Kob - Engineer Dave Kob
Engineer - Sting, Fleetwood Mac, Madonna, Janet Jackson

Don Zientara - Producer, Engineer Don Zientara
Producer / Engineer

Donald Harrisons Heroes - Group Donald Harrison's Heroes

Fleetwood Mac - Group Fleetwood Mac

Gary Lux - Engineer Gary Lux
Engineer - Manhattan Transfer, Aaron Neville, Janet Jackson

"With (Manhattan) Transfer, vocals are the deal. I was able to capture a 3-dimensionality feel about the vocal using the VIP-50. It's a real dichotomy to me. Milab managed to get the warmth of an old ribbon mic as well as the pristine top end of a new generation transistor mic into the one microphone. When you're recording great singers you need a microphone that is up to the task. That's why on the Manhattan Transfer album I used the VIP-50. This is a great microphone!"

Grateful Dead - Group Grateful Dead

Jeff Buckley - Artist Jeff Buckley

VIP-50 for studio vocals

Jim Tract - Production Manager, Engineer Jim Tract
Production Manager / Engineer

"For a long time we had been using a (Telefunken) 251 on the Pointers, and on the last album switched to a (AKG) C12. During the test we put up a 251, a C12 and the VIP-50 to check which was the best mike for the girls. Within 30 seconds the test was over - we recorded all the vocals on the album the the VIP-50."

"From previous experience working with The Pointer Sisters, we narrowed down the mike choice for Michael (McDonald) as follows: the Milab VIP-50, a Telefunken 251 and an AKG C12. We put up all three mikes and could make AB comparisons in the control room. The difference was astronomical. There is no question as to which was the best one: the Milab VIP-50 won the test with Michael hands down. ...A clarity, but without the mike being too crisp or strange sounding, The VIP-50 still held the 'warmth' and the 'breathiness' plus the top- and bottom-end response; it sounded clean, crystal clear and right in your face! ...There was no contest. We have used nothing else on vocals since that day."

John Mayer - Artist John Mayer

VM-44 for snare when playing live

Larry Brown - Producer, Engineer Larry Brown
Producer / Engineer

"Milab's LC-25 beats any mic you can buy for twice the price. It's incredible on vocals when compared with the U87 ... superb on acoustic guitar, and I believe better than the KM-88 ... and it wipes out the 414."

Lon and Derrek Van Eaton - Group Lon & Derrek Van Eaton

Manhattan Transfer - Vocal group Manhattan Transfer
Vocal Group

The VIP-50 was used for vocals on the album 'The Offbeat Of Avenues' (1991).

Mariah Carey - Artist Mariah Carey

Two DC-96Bs for drum overheads

Michael Jackson - Artist Michael Jackson

The Milab VIP-50 was the vocal microphone for the 'Dangerous' album (1991) and was also used for 'Thriller Special Edition' (2001).

Michael McDonald - Artist Michael McDonald

VIP-50 for vocals

Michael Ruff - Artist Michael Ruff

Pointer Sisters - Group Pointer Sisters

VIP-50 for vocals

Queen - Group Queen
Group (UK)

Two DC-96Bs for drum overheads

Quincy Jones - Producer, Artist Quincy Jones
Producer / Artist

Quincy Jones has used the VIP-50 for vocals on several albums.

Ray Charles - Artist Ray Charles

The Milab VIP-50 was used for Ray's vocals on several albums.

REO Speedwagon - Group REO Speedwagon

All members used the LC-25 for vocals. Kevin Cronin (Lead vocals) said: "The moment I tried the LC-25, I could tell the difference. It's clear, clean and bright. ... When I get off the road, I have a great all round mic for my studio."

Richard Page - Artist Richard Page

Richard Perry - Producer Richard Perry

"The Milab VIP-50 is particularly good for letting you hear the intimacy and clarity of a vocal. ... I cannot remember being so impressed with a microphone. The Milab VIP-50 appears to be a very versatile mike. I've tried it on different combinations of male and female voices, and everytime it has won hands down in comparison with all the best mikes available. ... It is now my first-choice vocal microphone!"

Rod Stewart - Artist Rod Stewart
Artist (UK)

Used several Milab models on tour including the LSR-2000 for vocals, for instance on the classic 1993 MTV Unplugged concert.

Rodney Holmes - Artist (Brecker Brothers, Carlos Santana) Rodney Holmes
Artist - Brecker Brothers, Carlos Santana

World class jazz/rock drummer who has played with The Brecker Brothers, Joe Zawinul, Wayne Shorter, Santana (including the hit single 'Smooth') and many others. Uses the Milab Drum Pack (VM-44s and BMD-01) for his drums both live and in the studio.

"I'm always looking to get a full and true sound for my drums. That means plenty of attack while retaining the warmth and tone. The VM-44s deliver the true sound of my instrument. And the BMD-01 gives my kick drum the low end punch without sacrificing power and attack. The perfect combination."

Ross Levinson - Composer, Engineer Ross Levinson
Composer / Engineer

VIP-50 & VM-44s

Stevie Wonder - Artist Stevie Wonder

LC-25 for live vocals

Terry Howard - Engineer Terry Howard
Engineer, Multiple Grammy Winner

"Sometimes I would suggest he use a different mic and he'd go along with it. But typically we used a Milab (VIP-50) mic." (When asked what vocal mics Ray Charles liked.)

Tom Scott - Artist, Sax Player Tom Scott
Artist / Saxophone Player

"The truest reproduction of horns and vocals Iíve ever heard." (On the DC-96B)

Tori Amos - Artist Tori Amos

VIP-50 for vocals

Tower of Power - Group Tower of Power

Willie Nelson - Artist Willie Nelson

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"The LSR-3000 is a reliable, fail-safe microphone that is one of my go-to tools for both studio work and live performances."
- Stacy Jones
Lead Vocalist
American Hi-Fi


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