Milab SRND 360 Coincident Surround Microphone

SRND 360

Coincident Surround Microphone

The SRND 360 enables high quality recording in 5.0/5.1 and 6.0/6.1 surround sound with just one microphone. It is built around three matched DC-196 rectangular capsules. These capsules are used as cardioids placed at 120 to each other. By combining the signal from two adjacent cardioid capsules, a virtual output is created between them.

The SRND 360 combines its three real capsules and three simulated capsules in different configurations to produce six individual cardioid outputs at 60 to each other. These outputs can be used in a wide variety ofstereo, multi-channel, and surround formats.

Milab's SRND 360 is packaged in an aluminum case and comes with a hard mount. An individual frequency curve is also included.

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SRND 360 Technical Specifications

Polar Pattern: 6x coincident cardioid at 60 spacing
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Max SPL (1% THD @ 1 kHz): 130 dB
Sensitivity @ 1 kHz: 17.5 mV / Pa 1 dB
A-Weighted Noise Level (IEC 179-A): 12 DB
Power Supply: 48 V Phantom
Current Consumption: 4 mA
Output impedance: < 200 Ω
Minimum Load Impedance: 1 k Ω
Connector: 6 x 3-pin XLR
Length: 4.72" (120 mm)
Diameter: 2.36" (60 mm)
Weight: 1 lb. 8.15 oz. (685 g)

SRND 360 Frequency Chart

Milab SRND 360 Frequency Chart

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"The LSR-3000 is a reliable, fail-safe microphone that is one of my go-to tools for both studio work and live performances."
- Stacy Jones
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